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Alphaville Herald – Transhumanists rejoice as open source software immortality saves Turing Church Online
IEET – Beyond the Soul
Visionair – De Kerk van Turing: kunnen religie en wetenschap verenigd worden?
DailyDot – The Turing Church seeks eternal life online
KurzweilAI News, Events – Turing Church online workshop 2
KurzweilAI News – Turing Church online workshop 2 explores religion and future science
KurzweilAI Blog – A Connectome Observatory for nanoscale brain imaging
KurzweilAI News – How to create a Connectome Observatory of the mouse brain and beyond
private void fart() – Hack the Multiverse! Quantum Computing Talk in Open Source Virtual Reality
Российское Трансгуманистическое ДвижениеСюзанна Гилдерт “Взлом Мультивселенной”, квантовое программирование
Hack the Multiverse (D-Wave blog) – TeleXLR8 presentation this weekend: ‘Hack the Multiverse: The Talk.
KurzweilAI Blog – teleXLR8 returns, featuring quantum physicist Gildert on ‘Hack the Multiverse!’
Cool Toy of the Day – Cool Toys Pic of the day – OpenQwaq
K21ST – Essential 21st century knowledge – Thinking about the hardware of thinking- Suzanne Gildert
KurzweilAI Blog – Thinking about the hardware of thinking: Can disruptive technologies help us achieve uploading?
The Xhyra Graf – Luke Robert Mason on Coding Consciousness: Transhuman Aesthetics in Performance, Teleplace, 17th November 2010 (via teleXLR8) | Teleplace | Turing Church Online Workshop | Suzanne Gildert on Thinking about the hardware of thinking: Can disruptive technologies help us achieve uploading?, Teleplace, 28th November 2010 (via teleXLR8)
Physics and cake – New scheduling for ‘Thinking about the Hardware of thinking’
Lincoln Cannon – Video of Presentation at Turing Church Online Workshop 1
The Multiverse according to Ben – The Turing Church, Religion 2.0, and the Mystery of Consciousness
KurzweilAI Blog – Transhumanist Science, Futurist Art, Telepresence and Cosmic Visions of the Future at TransVision 2010
Anders Sandberg – Visions of the future in Milano
Fight Aging! – First Videos From TransVision 2010
Hypergrid Business – teleXLR8 wants to be the “TED” for virtual worldsAlso on Telepresence Options
StemCell – Just Released – How to Stop Your Aging Now
Fight Aging! – A Few Videos from the Recent Immortality Institute Conference
Lifenaut – Mindfiles and reconstructing minds from software…
carboncopies – ASIM Experts series: Reconstructing Minds from Software Mindfiles, by Martine Rothblatt, September 18, 2010
H+ Magazine – MIND and MAN: Getting Mental with Giulio Prisco
Physics and cake – Interesting news coverage of Teleplace QC talk
Slashdot – Separating Hope From Hype In Quantum Computing
carboncopies – ASIM Experts Series: Quantum Computing: Separating ‘Hope’ from ‘Hype’, by Suzanne Gildert, September 4, 2010
Quantum Bayesian Networks – (Guest Post) Hype, Hope and Building the Quantum Community
Next Big Future – Quantum Computing: Separating Hope from Hype
D-Wave – Quantum computing: separating hope from hype, tomorrow AM
Quantum Bayesian Networks – Double Treat: The Latest in Adiabatic Quantum Computing and Teleconferencing
Physics and cake – Online seminar on Quantum Computing
KurzweilAI News – Building large-scale quantum computers
KurzweilAI Forum – REMINDER – Suzanne Gildert on Building large-scale quantum computers, Teleplace
Physics and cake – ASIM-2010 – not quite Singularity but close
KurzweilAI News – Advancing Substrate-Independent Minds conference to be streamed live
carboncopies – ASIM 2010 Conference, San Francisco, August 16-17th
KurzweilAI Blog – Carboncopies–Realistic Routes to Substrate-Independent Minds
Fabien Benetou’s PIM – TeleXLR8: Realistic Routes to Substrate-Independent Minds
Singularity Summit 2010 – ASIM 2010: Advancing Substrate-Independent Minds
KurzweilAI Forum – Realistic Routes to Substrate-Independent Minds (continuation of Teleplace)
carboncopies – ASIM Expert Series, Webtalk: Realistic Routes to Substrate-Independent Minds, by Randal A. Koene, July 17, 2010
carboncopies – 2nd Online Workshop on ASIM
IEET – Workshop on Advancing Substrate Independent Minds Held in Teleplace
carboncopies – 1st Online Workshop on ASIM
InternetACTU – Anders Sandberg : Concevoir des superintelligences collectives
IEET – Telepresence Education for a Smarter World


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