Teleplace is one of the best 3D applications for telework, online meetings, group collaboration, and e-learning in a virtual 3D environment (v-learning). Our partners ItalSAT distribute Teleplace in Italy, France and Switzerland, and our partners Innovex 4G distribute Teleplace in Spain.

Please see our Teleplace Help page for a quick practical introduction for teleXLR8 users. The page has links to more comprehensive help resources.

Teleplace is a powerful 3D videoconferencing environment for MS Windows and Mac OSX systems, where multiple participants can stream their webcam video to an interactive 3D online meeting area and workspace. The virtual 3D space permits effectively organizing the work areas and creates the impression of “being there”, which is fundamental for effective remote collaboration. Teleplace is a light and easy to use application which integrates powerful features such as:

  • Multiple videoconferencing with VoIP and webcam chat
  • Remote screen sharing
  • Integrated shared web browser
  • Interactive shared whiteboards
  • Easy import of images, video files, PDF files, 3D models and office documents from the desktop
  • Interactive collaborative editing of office documents in MS Office and Open Office formats
  • Powerful meeting and session management features
  • Sessions can be recorded and/or streamed out (webcast)
  • Integrated scripting API

It is worth noting that Teleplace is based on Open Croquet, a 3D operating system for Internet and one of the jewels of modern computer science, developed by real giants.

The workflow in a typical Teleplace can be structured, for example in managed e-learning classes with pre-integrated material (text, PDF, documents, video, 3D models…) to be communicated to the students, or rapid and spontaneous, for example in brainstorming meetings where all participants add and change material. Teleplace comes with several standard modifiable templates which permit creating new workspaces, like those shown in the pictures, with a few clicks. It is also possible to create entirely new templates with standard 3D modelling tools, and integrating them in Teleplace.

A Teleplace work session is fully integrated with the Web. By using the integrated Web browsers, participants can co-navigate Web sites and work with document archives and editing systems like Google Docs. A Teleplace workspace can have its own associated Web page with meeting schedules, agendas and presence monitoring.

Powerful session management features make Teleplace uniquely suitable for seminars, conferences and 3D e-learning (v-learning) applications.

From the Teleplace website:

At the core of Teleplace is a powerful and extensible platform that offers the features needed to support business collaboration.

Scalable architecture. Each user’s computer provides the computational power to run a collaborative, virtual space. As more users join a virtual space, more CPU and graphics power is available to support using the virtual space. Teleplace uses a single secure outbound connection from each client machine that goes through a central router service to provide management services such as logging and QoS (quality of service).

Secure, flexible, and extensible. Teleplace are dedicated, secure environments. Other users or companies must be explicitly invited to access your workspaces. Users can occupy many different Teleplace as appropriate, allowing them to work on different topics with different teams. Different users can have different levels of access to Teleplace; for example, employees might have access to spaces that business partners do not.

Software as a Service (SaaS). Teleplace is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, including unlimited voice use, for a flat fee based on a per user per month fee. As new features are released in Teleplace, they are immediately available to current customers as updates to the product are included in the flat fee. For customers who want to deploy Teleplace behind corporate firewalls, Teleplace will deliver the server as an appliance to them for deployment behind their firewall. All communication (voice, applications, persistence) share a single outbound connection on a single port.

Rich tools. The Teleplace platform provides a rich set of tools for creating an interactive venue with support for 2-D and 3-D graphics and data, voice and video integration, security and authorization framework. As part of the tools available, a rich set of collaboration features such as whiteboards, post-it notes, and text notepads can be acessed. Using the Python programming language, advanced users can also extend and enhance the functionality of their environments.

Teleplace Multi-Share™ is a fine-grained collaboration technology and allows multiple users to quickly and intuitively share control of an application or content. All users in a Teleplace can see how others are editing or modifying content.

Built-in VoIP and text chat. Every Teleplace environment comes with built-in voice over IP (VoIP) and text chat.

Built-in data encryption. As part of Teleplace’s comprehensive security model, all communications between users is automatically encrypted. Whether sharing confidential information or having a confidential discussion, all content is secure.

Open standards. Teleplace is built upon the Croquet platform, an open model for developing and delivering deeply collaborative multi-user online applications. Teleplace also uses the Python programming language for scripting and standard XML interfaces for application integration.

With the rise of virtual worlds technologies, collaboration has the potential to be much richer, more immediate, and more effective. Teleplace is focused on turning that potential into reality by applying virtual worlds technologies to business collaboration applications. With the innovative features in Teleplace, collaboration using the key essential dynamic of “speech-gesture-sketch” is now possible. This is a breakthrough in functionality and represents an inflection point in what it means to use collaboration tools.

Beyond the improved communication made possible through virtual collaboration, this breakthrough technology also enables persistence combined with the ability for users to be in the same virtual space while working on related but different applications or content. This mirrors the physical world, where people might work together but on their own specific work. This capability has not been available with traditional collaboration tools. For example, web conferencing has meant one person communicating their slides or desktop to others, with limited to no interactivity.

Finally, Teleplace makes it simple. A typical user can be up and running in a short period (think minutes, not hours). Teleplace creates the ultimate next-generation collaboration environment.

Teleplace means “Virtual Spaces for Real Work”!

Teleplace’s breakthrough application collaboration platform leverages unique vPresence™ technology – integrating VoIP, chat, webcam video, presence, and multi-application sharing – to create an environment where employees can get real work done together. Because meetings take place in a rich data-centric environment, decisions come faster and smarter. Learn how Teleplace can help you tackle some of today’s toughest productivity challenges, including distributed teams, increased operational complexity, global sourcing, reduced travel, and constrained budgets, while increasing employee satisfaction and flexibility.

Program Management. Teleplace provides a complete virtual environment for effective program and project management across multiple locations and applications. Share common document formats such as Adobe® PDF and Microsoft® Office, as well as traditional and Web-based enterprise applications. Communicate through integrated text, chat and voice. Now your groups can create virtual “war rooms” to track the entire lifecycle of a program or project.

Virtual Operations Center. Operations centers used to require a dedicated physical location. Not any more. Teleplace is accessible from a standard desktop or laptop PC, and can be integrated with in-house and 3rd party applications and data sources to create a fully customized virtual operations center accessible from anywhere in the world.

Public Sector. Public sector teams are increasingly information-centric in performing their missions. Whether doing training delivery, bringing remote users together, providing real-time information for rapid decision making, or executing other information-rich missions, Teleplace with its powerful application collaboration features is an indispensible platform for public sector teams.

Workgroup Training. Workgroup training and other communication functions, such as mentoring and coaching, have always been difficult to do remotely. Teleplace’ immersive technology allows all participants to communicate more effectively, enabling rich feedback between users, and resulting in a more compelling learning setting.

Virtual Office. A virtual office is an effective way to create an immediate presence in remote locations. Like a physical office, an office in Teleplace is a secure, persistent place in which you can hold meetings anytime. Meet with clients and prospects, present proposals, and work with colleagues in an immersive setting that supports access from anywhere in the world.

Facilitated Meetings. Solving challenging group tasks, such as developing strategy or resolving negotiations, can be a daunting task, especially when participants are remote. Teleplace is an ideal environment in which facilitators or moderators can guide more effective meeting workflows.


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