If you do not have an OpenQwaq account for teleXLR8 yet, the first invitation email that you receive (sent automatically by the system) will be something like this:


Hi, here is your invitation to OpenQwaq at teleXLR8. If you do not have an existing account, you can now create your account. If you already have an account, your userid and password are now enabled to access teleXLR8.

Please download the new OpenQwaq client (Windows and Mac):

OpenQwaq is very easy to use, please see the help text and video here:


I look forward to meeting you in teleXLR8. See https://telexlr8.wordpress.com/
for past and future scheduled events.

You need to:

1) Accept this invitation and create your account.
2) Download and install the OpenQwaq client software
3) Read the help page with simple explanation and video:
4) Launch the OpenQwaq client software and login as explained in 3). Please don’t forget to set Host qwaq.3dicc.com (default), and Organization teleXLR8

Once again: PLEASE, see the help text and video! The most common problems and questions of first time users are addressed and answered.


Please note that our NEW WEBSITE is at http://turingchurch.com/telexlr8/.

The Blip.tv video channel has gone. All videos are in the Youtube and Vimeo video channels, see the new website for links.


The teleXLR8 online talk program based on OpenQwaq has been covered by Hypergrid Business “as an online open TED, using modern telepresence technology for ideas worth spreading, and as a next generation, fully interactive TV network with a participative audience.

See our NEW WEBSITE at http://skefia.com/category/telexlr8/.

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