TransVision 2010, October 22-24, 2010

TransVision 2010 (Milan, October 22-24, 2010) is over. The conference has been a full 2-way “mixed-reality” event, with speakers and participants in both Milan and Teleplace. Please see the first conference report on Giulio Prisco’s blog and the more detailed article on KurzweilAI.

TransVision 2010 in Teleplace

Video coverage – The HD videos taken in Milan will be available on the conference’s DVD and online on, see the index on the TransVision 2010 website. Some participants have also recorded videos from Teleplace. The videos are available on Thanks to Phillip Galinsky, Next Dila Dreamhacker, G. Stephens and others.

VIDEO 1A: Day 1, Part A – 360×240 resolution, 1 hour 35 min. Francesco Verso (last part of his talk), Riccardo Campa on Italian Futurism, Antonio Saccoccio, Roberto Guerra (also with contributions from Graziano Cecchini and Vitaliano Teti).
VIDEO 2A: Day 2, Part A – 600×400 resolution, 1 hour 10 min. Aubrey de Grey (last part of his talk), Max More.
VIDEO 2B: Day 2, Part B – 600×400 resolution, 1 hour 44 min. Martine Rothblatt, Giuseppe Vatinno, David Orban.
VIDEO 2C: Day 2, Part C – 360×240 resolution, 1 hour 45 min. Mike Treder, Giulio Prisco, Emanuele Ratti.
VIDEO 2D: Day 2, Part D – 360×240 resolution, 2 hours 10 min. From Teleplace: Eugen Leitl, Robert Geraci, Natasha Vita-More.
VIDEO 2E: Day 2, Part E – 360×240 resolution, 23 min. From Teleplace: David Styles.
VIDEO 3A: Day 3, Part A – 360×240 resolution, 3 hours 29 min. Miriam Ji Sun, Dan Massey, Roberto Marchesini, Remi Sussan, David Pearce.
VIDEO 3B: Day 3, Part B – 360×240 resolution, 2 hours 59 min. Polytopia project, Anders Sandberg, Marta Rossi and Jacopo Tagliabue, Randal A. Koene, Fiorella Terenzi (by proxy).
VIDEO 3C: Day 3, Part C – 600×400 resolution, 2 hours 59 min. Polytopia project, Anders Sandberg, Marta Rossi and Jacopo Tagliabue, Randal A. Koene, Fiorella Terenzi (by proxy). Same as Day 3 part b with higher resolution.

NOTES: To download the source .mp4 video files from, open the “Files and Links” box.

TransVision 2010 in Teleplace

We had about 30 remote participants in the TVirtual online extension of TransVision 2010, hosted by the teleXLR8 project based on the Teleplace online telepresence platform. Remote participants have been able to watch all talks in realtime, and interact with speakers and other participants. We used two Teleplace workstations, one to stream the video and voice of the speaker and to interact with remote participants, and one to stream the speaker’s slides. For those speakers without presentations in .ppt or .pdf, we used the second Teleplace workstation to show the audience in Milan to the audience in Teleplace. In the afternoon of the second day we have reversed the procedure outlined above and shown remote talks from speakers in Teleplace to the audience in Milan.

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