ASIM 2010 Conference, Advancing Substrate-Independent Minds, Day 2

ASIM 2010

About 20 persons attended the second day of the ASIM 2010 Conference, Advancing Substrate-Independent Minds, satellite to the Singularity Summit 2010, San Francisco, August 17th. About 20 attended online in Teleplace. The first day featured 3 talks followed by lively discussions:

  • Fundamental Issues – Resolution & Scale, “Me” Programs, by Randal A. Koene
  • Actionable Approaches – ASIM Now, by Peter Passaro (talk given via Teleplace)
  • ASIM in Context – Ongoing Advances in neuroprosthetics, AGI, Cyber-augmentation, embodiment, VR, etc., by Monica Anderson

ASIM 2010

Remote participants in Teleplace were able to follow the talks via interactive video streaming, ask questions to the speakers, and contribute to the discussion. Two speakers (Peter Passaro on Day 2 and Ken Hayworth on Day 1) gave their talks via Teleplace. After attending both days of the conference remotely in Teleplace, I am very happy with the performance of the Teleplace system as a means to open up conferences to a global remote audience in “mixed reality”, with crisp video and audio (after properly setting up the microphones) and deep interactivity for all participants. I have participated in ASIM 2010 from the middle of nowhere in Central Europe, with a 3G phone link to the Internet and a very weak signal (in other words, my current Internet connection is VERY slow). Even with this poor connection, I have been able to participate in ASIM 2010 without any problem. There are, of course, special problems to deal with in mixed reality events. For example, in the first half of Day 2 remote participants could not hear well the on-site participants far from the microphone. In future events, we will use cordless microphones to give to on-site participants when they want to say something. In this case, the problem was solved by asking on-site participants to go to the microphone to comment and ask questions. Mixed reality via the professional and social collaboration platform Teleplace permits merging on-site and remote participants in one virtual group, and it is the best way to open up a conference to remote participants that I have seen. The 2-way video and audio link enables each participant, on-site or remote, to be seen and heard by all other participants, on-site or remote.

ASIM 2010

Full videos of the first day’s talks and discussions, on

Thanks to Jonas Bluth, Phillip Galinsky and Antoine Van de Ven for recording the videos. The videos are also on Vimeo.

ASIM 2010

See Carboncopies–Realistic Routes to Substrate-Independent Minds on KurzweilAI: Advancing Substrate-Independent Minds 2010 (ASIM-2010) to be held after Singularity SummitIn addition to the virtual events, carboncopies is holding an official launching conference in real life: Advancing Substrate-Independent Minds (ASIM-2010) will take place at the Hyatt Regency in San Francisco on August 16 & 17, 2010, immediately after the Singularity Summit. A virtual link will also be provided for those who wish to attend remotely. Please join us in person, or through virtual presence in Teleplace on August 16 and 17, 2010, for an action-oriented event aimed at advancing substrate-independent minds. Contact us to find out more about each option. Regarding the ASIM-2010 conference, all are welcome and there is no registration fee — although donations to offset our expenses are greatly appreciated. Please RSVP the organizers to secure your seat.

ASIM 2010

See Advancing Substrate-Independent Minds conference to be streamed live on KurzweilAI (TOP STORY of today’s edition): The second day of the Advancing Substrate-Independent Minds conference (ASIM 2010), Tuesday, August 17, at 7pm PST, in San Francisco, will be streamed live at teleXLR8 on Teleplace. The event will feature talks on Fundamental Issues – Resolution & Scale, “Me” Programs, Etc. by Randal A. Koene; Actionable Approaches – ASIM Now (Multi-neuron functional analysis in-vivo by Peter Passaro, Preservation & large-scale high-resolution structural analysis by Ken Hayworth); and ASIM in Context – Ongoing Advances in neuroprosthetics, AGI, Cyber-augmentation, embodiment, VR, etc., by Demis Hassabis and Monica Anderson.

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