Teleplace Open House webinar, March 10 2010

Teleplace Open House Webinar

Last night I attended a 3D Webinar – Teleplace Open House: a 30 minute walk-through of an exciting new technology that is revolutionizing the way people meet, train, and collaborate. Immersive 3D meeting environments will change the way you do business. Come learn about a revolutionary new technology that is currently being used by other Teleplace customers, including: Intel, British Petroleum, US Navy, US Air Force, Chevron, and more.

Teleplace Open House Webinar

We distribute Teleplace in several European countries, and I am used to small (5-10 participants) workgroup meetings in Teleplace, where all participants can talk, stream their webcam video, share their desktop and edit documents. What I wanted to see yesterday was a Teleplace stress test with a larger crowd. I already knew Teleplace is a great application for remote enterprise and work-group collaboration, but the ability to handle larger audiences (50-100 participants) is important for e-learning applications. Thanks to the meeting management features of Teleplace, which permit one or more moderators taking full control of the meeting and railroading participants as appropriate (for example, muting all mics and unmuting those who raise their hand to ask a question), the webinar ran very smoothly and I am now confident that Teleplace is suitable for e-learning applications with large audiences.

Teleplace Open House Webinar

I have taken a 10 minutes video to show parts of the presentation and to illustrate various examples of using Teleplace for interactive webinars and professional e-learning projects. The video is available on andYoutube. The .mp4 file (10 minutes, 75 MB), is available for download here.


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